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Whether you are in search of a statement occasional chair or a cosy addition to a reading corner, our armchair collections will inspire you to take a seat and relax. From deeply luxurious to sleek, modern contemporary designs, our carefully curated selection has the perfect addition for every style of room. 

Simply choose your style, choose your fabric, choose your finish.

  • Jensen Wide Armchair Jensen Wide Armchair
  • Mysa Armchair Mysa Armchair
  • Bjorn Armchair Bjorn Armchair
  • Stockholm Armchair Stockholm Armchair
  • Sisu Armchair Sisu Armchair
  • Julia Armchair Julia Armchair
  • Loreen Wide Armchair Loreen Wide Armchair
  • Jack Armchair Jack Armchair
  • Malmo Armchair Malmo Armchair
  • Mini Armchair Mini Armchair
  • Teddy Armchair Teddy Armchair
  • Freja Armchair Freja Armchair
  • Stefani Armchair Stefani Armchair
  • Siv Armchair Siv Armchair